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R:EVOLUTION RHYTHM utilizes the art and science of music to engage and inspire your clients, your employees and your unique culture. We design and implement team-building programs, wellness workshops, and music therapy services to meet the specific goals and needs of your organization. 

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Who is Revolution Rhythm?

Jason Armstrong Baker is a Board- Certified Music Therapist and a trained HealthRHYTHMS facilitator.  He has been drumming for over 30 years and involved with the study of mind-body arts for more than a decade.  As a performing artist, composer and music therapist, Jason draws inspiration from numerous musical and healing traditions: African rhythmic harmony, Chinese 5 Elements, American Improvisation, and Yogic Breathe-work. Read more...

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Curriculum Vitae

  • Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System (2007 - Present)
  • Sheppard Pratt Health Systems (2007 - 2012)
  • Howard County Public School System (2009 - 2012)
  • Refugee Youth Project (2010 - Present)
  • Woodberry Crossing Peace Camp (2011 - Present)
  • Howard Community College 

Disclaimer: The presence of the above institutions and clients are not an indication of endorsement, nor are they an extensive list. Please contact me for more information and references. Thank you and I look forward to sharing my references with you!